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2023년 2학기 시간표




Student Policies

The following are the details relating to the Regulations of SCD Korean School of Theology.

Please read and familiarise with the relevant Regulations. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Academic Misconduct: Regulations for Students [download]
  • Information on Regulations relating to Graduation [download]
  • SCD KST ‘s Assignment related Notice [download]
  • Academic Regulation for Graduation (UPDATED 2023) [download]


Handbook of SCD Korean School of Divinity

SECTION 8:  Korean Language Programs & Specific Regulations (Part 1)

SECTION 8:  Korean Language Programs & Specific Regulations (Part 2)

SECTION 8:  Korean Language Programs & Specific Regulations (Part 3)

Student Forms

Sem2/2023  – Please click the link for unit registration for each course

Subject Registration Forms

Class Audit Registration Form

Other Student Administration Forms

  • Assignment Cover page [ Word / PDF ]
  • Assignment Extension Request Form [ Word / PDF ]
  • Explanation of Absent from Class [ WordPDF ]
  • Our Commitment to Academic Integrity [ WordPDF ]


과목별 교재(도서) 리스트 – 2023년 2학기 업데이트

**주교재 구입신청서 [PDF]  /  도서신청 안내 [PDF]   /  논문 자료검색 안내 [영상보기]


Registrar’s Office Hours: 09:30 – 17:30


  1. International Students / Student Visas
  • Overseas students new to the SCD Korean School of Theology are invited to be aware that student visa can be cancelled if medical examination report or health insurance requirements are not.
  • The college is responsible to the issuance of CoE. The remaining procedure relating to the visa issuance or extension is the direct responsibility of each individual student. [However, the office can offer a help if a specific request is made, such as making contact with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Please check the expiry date first in the cases of visa extension.]


  1. Subject Registration
  • The closing date when a student can change the enrolled subject is 11 August 2023 for sem 2  in 2023.
  • If a student wishes to take a leave from his/her leave needs to contact the SKT Registrar, Esther RYU ([email protected])



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