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Study Options for International Students:

Sydney College of Divinity welcomes students from overseas to study at its member colleges which are authorized to accept international student enrolments.

Sydney College of Divinity does not use agents to recruit and or administer overseas students.

In Australia the SCD is a registered as a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) provider and the legal entity for all courses offered by member institutions in the states. The CRICOS Provider code is 02948J.

In New South Wales the following teaching bodies are endorsed to enrol overseas students:

In Queensland the following member institution is endorsed to enrol overseas students:


Information for International Students

Overseas Student Orientation Information (Updated 2023): Overseas Student Booklet [PDF] 

It is important that you research and plan well. Important considerations and planning includes:

International students coming to Australia must provide proof that they can cover the cost of living and studying in Australia under the Australian government’s immigration regulations. This requirement serves to help students make the most of their study abroad life in Australia and have a safe and enjoyable experience during their stay in Australia. Even if international students can earn a certain amount of money through part-time jobs in Australia, the “cost of living” requirement helps students lead successful studies by not having to rely on such work to cover the necessary expenditure. You must prove your account balance of $24,505 from October 1, 2023.

The basic cost of living under Australian immigration law has been increased. Under this regulation, student visa applicants and their families must be able to provide the following financial guarantees to meet the cost of living requirements.

For Example (updated 2018)→

  • Student or guardian A$20,290
  • partner or spouse A$7,100
  • child A$3,040

The above costs are only for reference and may vary considerably depending on where you study in Australia. You should also be prepared if the cost of living is higher than the cost shown above.

Please try the cost of living calculator


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