P9665 Transformational Leadership in Ministry

This postgraduate unit  examines the nature and practice of leadership, which has personal and organisational transformation as its primary object. Participants are challenged to develop a biblical model of leadership based on Jesus’ ministry, and to develop an intentional strategy for their own ongoing spiritual and personal nourishment. The unit studies the traits, functions, styles, character and ministry formation of a leader, transformational and transactional leadership, biblical models of transformational leadership and the lifecycles of movements, and the gospel as a life-giving reality and ministry as a life-giving activity

Study Level Postgraduate
Discipline Christian Life and Ministry
Sub Discipline Pastoral Theology
Credit Points 9
Prerequisites Nil

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. categorise personal leadership styles in the light of biblical, historical and business models
  2. critically evaluate alternative models of transformational leadership
  3. explain in detail the link between personal renewal and corporate revitalisation
  4. prescribe and justify the appropriate transformational intervention for an organisation according to its organisational lifecycle stage
  5. create and implement a comprehensive intentional strategy, grounded in careful research, for personal spiritual growth and corporate renewal



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