Unit Code C-M

H7380 Korean Protestant Churches – Their Story

This unit studies the history of the Korean Protestant church. It provides a context for other theological studies relating to the Korean Protestant church. It addresses the beginning of the Korean Protestant churches, the missionaries and the leaders of early Korean churches, the 1907 Great Revival, Church and State under Japanese colonial rule, the imposition of Shinto shrine worship, emancipation and conflict in the Korean churches, the theological controversy over Liberalism, confrontation over the World Council of Churches, reunion and fracturing/division, Church and State after 1945, growth and schism, and the Future of the Korean Church.

Study Level Undergraduate
Discipline Humanities in the Christian Tradition
Sub Discipline Church History
Credit Points 9
Prerequisites Nil

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a sound knowledge of significant personalities and events in Korean Protestant church history
  2. identify the key groups who have shaped the Korean Protestant church
  3. demonstrate the ability to research the period using primary and secondary sources
  4. analyse the theological issues that have shaped Korean Protestantism
  5. apply the insights gained from historical study to the present experience of the Korean Protestant Church.



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