B9610 Israel’s Beginnings: the books of Genesis and Exodus

This postgraduate unit  builds on the basic knowledge and skills of the foundational Biblical Studies unit. Special attention is paid to the literary forms, theological content and historical, cultural and religious setting of these books. The unit includes exegesis of selected passages in the light of the unique theologies of Genesis and Exodus.

Study Level Postgraduate
Discipline Biblical Studies
Credit Points 9
Prerequisites 18 credit points in Biblical Studies.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the biblical books that deal with Israel’s formative period
  2. show an awareness of recent secondary literature resources that discuss the books of Genesis and Exodus
  3. exhibit a perceptive understanding of the importance of the books of Genesis and Exodus for Old Testament faith and Israelite identity
  4. demonstrate well-developed skills in the exegesis of selected Old Testament texts
  5. show a critical appreciation of Genesis and Exodus as expressions of Israel‘s faith in God’s action in history and of their application to Christian life and worship in the present era.



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