Unit Code A-B

B7368 Johannine Literature

This unit builds upon the knowledge and skills learned in the pre-requisite units. It examines the historical context, literary forms and theological content of the Gospel and Letters of John, and their application to a range of spiritual and pastoral concerns. It examines issues of authorship, date, relationship of the Gospel with the Synoptics, the history and religious perspective of the Johannine community especially as reflected in the Johannine epistles. There is a focus on the distinctive literary style, imagery and narrative features of the Fourth Gospel and the key theological themes of the Johannine tradition. There is exegesis of selected passages from the Fourth Gospel.

Study Level Undergraduate
Discipline Biblical Studies
Credit Points 9
Prerequisites 18 credit points in Biblical Studies

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. assess the historical, cultural and religious background of the Johannine community
  2. identify the principal literary forms in the Gospel and letters of John and show how they communicate their theological content
  3. demonstrate well-developed critical exegetical skills in written essays on selected passages from the Fourth Gospel
  4. integrate significant secondary literature into critical studies of the Johannine corpus
  5. apply insights gained from the Johannine Literature to contemporary Christian preaching, teaching and spirituality
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