Unit Code A-B

B7120/B8520 Introduction to the Old Testament

This unit introduces the literary forms, historical and cultural contexts and theological themes of the Old Testament to provide a foundation for further biblical and theological study. The unit involves the study of the Canon, introductory questions of each book of the Old Testament (authorship, date, historical, political and cultural contexts, etc.), structure and outline of the major Old Testament books, literary genres of Old Testament literature, key theological themes of the Old Testament collection, and Critical approaches to Old Testament interpretation.

Study Level Undergraduate
Discipline Biblical Studies
Credit Points 9
Prerequisites Excludes B7110 Introduction to Biblical Studies

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a general understanding of the overall structure and contents of the Old Testament
  2. identify the literary shape, themes, social and historical background of the individual books of the Old Testament
  3. employ critical methodologies in the interpretation of Old Testament texts.
  4. access secondary literature

convey the relevance of the Old Testament to Christian life and the contemporary world

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