News and Events

  1. Please check the academic calendar for the 2nd semester of 2022. [2022 2nd semester calendar]
  2. The Chapels of SCD KST are held on every Wednesday 1:30pm in Chapel Room (or by ZOOM).[Chapel]
  3. We look forward to your participation in the Greek and Hebrew reading classes. [Group activities]
  4. You can see photos of SCD KST’s activities. [Photo album]
  5. A guide to good essay and essay writing that has been revised and recommended for use. [Academic essay]
  6. Please update your personal information if you have any changes. (address, contact details, email address). [Registrar]
  7. The information of the local church. [Local churches information]
  8. More news on SCD KST can be found on  [Campus] and [Facebook – SCD KST ].
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