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The SCD Korean School of Theology is endorsed by Korean church leaders in Australia.

The SCD Korean School of Theology serves the Korean community in Australia and encourages mutually beneficial interrelationships with Koreans in Korea. Online studies, at the same standard as the classroom studies, allow students both in Australia and elsewhere flexibility to suit their own circumstances.

At this time the SCD Korean School of Theology offers the accredited BTh (Korean), the Korean version of our English BTh. The BTh (Korean) takes 3 years full-time or the part-time equivalent and requires completion of 24 course units, which students may choose from a range of units in Biblical Studies, Theology, Pastoral Theology and Practice, Church History, Christian Ethics, Liturgy and Missiology. Students will be advised to choose units that lead either to two majors and one sub-major. This degree provides a sound basis for further studies, in Australia or Korea, leading to Master degrees in Arts, Divinity or Theology, and ultimately to a Doctoral degree.

The BTh (Korean) re-opened in October 2010, when it received fresh government approval after significant improvements to the arrangements for its delivery.

The conduct of the SCD Korean program is entirely integrated into the overall academic program of the SCD and meets the same high standards as the English program.

SCD also received government approval for Master Degree course (M.A, M.Div, M.Th), which have been offered in Korean since 2014.

Master of Art, a course designed for those who is to undertake ministry specializing in practical aspects of the ministry, offers such subjects as Christian Education, Christian Counselling, Missiology, Homiletics, Liturgics, Leadership, Pastoral Theology, Spiritual Theology, Youth Ministry and Multicultural Ministry.  The course consists of 3 semesters for a full-time student or 9 semesters for a part-time one and requires them to take 12 subjects for graduation.

Master of Divinity aims at producing well-trained full-time ministers.  The course can only be applied for by those who have completed a bachelor degree.  All the students are required to choose two major fields and a minor, or a major and two minors to earn the required credits.  The course is categorized into Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Historical & Human Theology and Practical Theology; the field of Practical Theology is further classified into a major and a minor.  It takes 3 years for full-time study and 9 years for part-time study to complete.  Its candidates need to take 24 subjects and successfully carry out a research project before graduating.

Master of Theology, designed to turn out scholars with expertise, is composed of a single major, for which it is required to take 6 subjects in the relevant field.  It is requisite to complete 12 subjects and write a Research Essay for graduation during 3 semesters for full-time students and 9 semesters for part-time ones.

Bachelor of Theology (Honours) is intended for the development of the research capability of those who have graduated from Bachelor of Theology with academic excellence and want to study for a higher research degree.  Candidates are required to have achieved at least a GPA of 2.7 (3.0 in major) in Bachelor of Theology.  The duration of the study is 1 year full-time or 3 years part-time and 8 subjects have to be taken for graduation.

Diploma of Christian Studies and Graduate Certificate in Arts are courses specially prepared for helping Korean ministers serving in migrant churches in Australia to enhance their expertise.  The diploma course is a program that requires 2 semesters for full-time study or 6 semesters for part-time study by field and it is mandatory to take 8 subjects before graduation.  Meanwhile the graduate certificate course is a program which takes 1 semester for full-time study or 3 semesters for part-time study and necessitates the completion of 4 subjects for graduation

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