Give to SCD SKTC

Why Give


Donation is related with an act of sharing the blessing that has been endowed in our lives by God’s grace. In particular, if the sharing can be done with an outstanding theology student or a student who is in financial needs, the act can be regarded as a deed of changing the society more beautiful.


“The act of giving brings blessing to the giver, as one way of drawing closer to Jesus by obeying his command to care for others, at the same time as it brings blessing to the one who receives and to society. A donation to support a student of theology fosters a Christian leader to exert the influence of Christ and extend his kingdom in the world.” (Professor Diane Speed, Dean of SCD)


“I hope that donation be used in order that the society is filled more with the merciful and faithful presence of God. … to dig and continually prepare promising potential Christian leaders, so that they can be used by God. ”  (Dr Ho Nam Kim)

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