Give to SCD SKTC

Ways to Give


Various Ways of Giving

SCD(Sydney College of Divinity) is a qualified DGR(Deductable Gift Receipient) and therefore  is eligible to give out tax deductable receipts for all kinds of donation and gift.

  1. Scholarships: regular donation of $50, $100, or $200
  2. Honourary or Memorial Giving: $1,200/year, $2,400/year
  3. One-off Cash/Cheque donation
  4. Donate Estate or Property, or Bequests
  5. SCD church cooperation


Method of giving

  1. Cash or Cheque
  2. On-line Direct Deposit
  3. Credit card
  4. Enquiry: phone) 02 9888 1867  email) Esther Ryu: [email protected], Terry Kim: [email protected]
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