Online Study

How to Attend the Online Lectures


  1. How to connect to the SKST online lecture site

            1)  By connecting to the SCD KST website

         a. enter the URL and click

         b. click ‘Online Lectures’ menu situated at the top right hand side

            2)  By by direct connection to the KST’s Moodle site

          a. enter the URL and click


  1. How to create a Moodle account

            Students need to have own Moodle account in order to attend online lectures.

            Connect to the homepage of KST’s Moodle site, and choose the language between Korean or English,

                    1) Choose ‘Create New Account’ from the Right hand side column and fill out the form.

                (Create your own password as directed, pleas keep the User ID and Password safely)

            2) You will receive an automatically generated welcome email straightaway

               (please make sure to use the same email address as the one used for your enrolment at the SCD) from the Moodle site.

            3) Please open your email account to find a web link which is highlighted in with blue colour or underline. If the link does not open, please open a new browser and copy and paste the                    address for link.

             4) Once the opening of new account is confirmed, you can log in and use the Moodle.


  1. Enquiry: Hyungguen Sim (Online study, [email protected])

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