Vision Statement

The Theology and Education Goals of the Sydney College of Divinity, Sydney Korean Theological College:

One, we believe in God who is revealed in the Bible, our Savior Jesus Christ who came to earth as the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit whom He sent, and we receive historical orthodox Reformed Theology as our theology.

Two, we pursue a sound ecumenical theology that works together with other Christian churches that accepts the Nicene Creed. It is a partnership in a mission-minded approach that extends the Lord’s kingdom, acknowledging the diverse characteristics in faith of different denominations and the diversity of methodology in theological pursuits. This is the position of SCD Korean School of Theology.

Three, we maintain the academic standards of accredited Australian Higher Education Providers that award degrees recognised by the Australian Federal Government. Based on the positive achievements of Korean churches, we aim to nurture balanced Christian intellectuals and trustworthy devoted Christian workers who pursue the renewal of Australia, the country where we live, and Australian churches, and the services of all the nations.

Four, we are a non profit educational institution that is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency(TEQSA) of the Commonwealth Government of Australia. We seek a high level of education without seeking a financial gain.

To achieve the above-mentioned educational objectives, the Sydney Korean Theological College emphasises the following;

We invite those who have studied theology and have higher degrees in Korea, Australia, or other countries, and who have a good reputation within the Christian community, to form a trustworthy faculty.

In addition, each semester we invite leading theologians from Korea to deliver lectures and exchange ideas concerning recent theological trends.

Students are required to take an active part in campus life, utilise the library, attend the chapel, participate in the college mission, attend Biblical language classes regardless of their major, serve at a church, and maintain dignity as a theology student.



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